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Patrick and Laura, Engagement Session, Hartwood Acres Mansion

This love story started at the University of Pittsburgh. After talking at Taco Night, Laura made the first move and took a seat next to Patrick. Sometime after he finally realized that she was interested! The story unfolds with walks in the parks, golfing, road trips and time with family and friends.

They had traveled to Seven Springs for a snowy day and Patrick had everything lined up to get down on one knee. The snow would be perfect and he would pop the question at the top of the ski slope. But, mother nature delivered blistering wind and Patrick was forced to go to Plan B. After some shopping Laura was sitting at a beautiful bay window overlooking the slopes and Patrick knew it was right. He asked Laura to close her eyes. He got down on that knee and popped open the ring box! Of course, she said yes and had a glow for the remainder of the weekend!

Laura loves Patrick’s gentleness. She thinks he has such kind eyes, and he's the calm yin to her emotional yang. He also has a good sense of humor!

Patrick loves Laura’s smile, it just lights up the room. She also has a kind and gentle soul. She is his best friend!

These two together will certainly make the world a more beautiful place!

These two picked Hartwood Acres for their engagement session. The beautiful landscapes and architect attracted them to this location. We enjoyed the beautiful weather and enjoyed capturing their beautiful love. I can’t wait to see these two on their wedding day!

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