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Sweet Baby Jay, Newborn Session

Growing up in a family of three kiddos, my mother had the typical baby photographs framed in our living room. My little brother's photograph was this cute little blonde haired boy smiling with his little button cheeks. Beside that she had a second photograph of him, same pose, except in this photograph he was crying with the cutest pouting lip. That was and still is my favorite baby photograph of him by far!

Now, I would like to introduce you to Baby Jay. Baby Jay was not the happiest little guy when I came to visit. In fact, for the first part he was really sad. But happy or sad, this little guy was such a blessing to his new parents and we had such a fun time wining him over.

Your session with MWM Photography is made to cherish all the memories. Because, let's be honest, your baby is perfect! And all the moments are the moments that make up our lives! Who knows, maybe one day when you look back at baby photographs of your adorable little one you'll see that crying photograph and it will pull at all your heart strings and become your favorite too!

Gush, he is the cutest thing!

Congratulations, Beth and Jake. He's a definitely a keeper!

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