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MWM Paying It Forward {June Session}

MWM Photography is proud to introduce you to our first Pay It Forward family. This idea came about after months of knowing that this business wanted a way to give back. You know when you go through the drive through and pay for the person behind you or at the coffee shop when you leave extra money to pay for someone else a cup of coffee? We wanted to get in on that!

We have had the honor of working with Kate and her family since her first child was born. And we feel so grateful that Kate was the first to nominate a dear family friend, Sabrina. So, Kate wrote a little piece about them and we wanted to share! This is something we are so happy to be a part of and this family just filled our hearts.

"Two years ago, Sabrina and her family moved in down the street and changed our lives. We were new to the street ourselves, having moved in only a few months prior. Sabrina and I got along like houses on fire, and our kids started playing together and just never stopped. They helped whenever we needed a favor with a smile on their faces and no questions asked. We shared meals and craft nights. Sabrina taught me how to sew better, and I taught her how to knit. They were the best of neighbors. It was a dream, and like all good dreams, it didn't last as long as we wanted.

They had to leave our street and move to another state and embark on a new adventure, and I wanted to give them something to remember our time together. What better way to do that than a photo shoot with my favorite photographer? When you have four kids, there really isn't room in the budget for a good, professional photo shoot, and studio shots never really captured the joy this family brings to the world around them. In the years to come, Sabrina and her family will be able to look at these photos and remember who they were to us: a wonderful group of people with generous hearts who deserve as much of life's happiness they can get."

~ Kate Gigliotti-Gordon

Because Kate nominated this family for the Pay It Forward program, MWM Photography got to meet this amazing family. These kiddos are just the sweetest and we had so much fun laughing, running and jumping to capture these personalities. After the session Sabrina reached out to us and shared this:


I still can't even tell you how much I LOVE these pictures!! Seriously... they are wacky and funny and so real life. It is perfect. They made my heart so happy looking through them! We feel so blessed that you did this for our family and will fortunately have these memories for many years. Especially the time we have shared with the Gordon's!!

Much thanks,


At the end of the day, we want everyone to know that this is why we do what we do! Capturing real, fleeting memories that last a lifetime. Without gushing to much, we just wanted to add that we think it is something special and would love the opportunity to meet a couple or family that you might nominate for this program. So, for more details on how to nominate just visit our Pay It Forward program page.

Help us be the change we wish to see in this world.

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